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Tandem Skydive

A Tandem Skydive is a great introduction to the sport of skydiving and the perfect gift for anyone.

Tandem in fact is the best alternative for those who want to enjoy the feeling of freefall without any kind of thoughts.

There isn't a minimum age for a Tandem Skydive in Italy but if you aren't 18 years old you need the presence of your parents and there is no maximum age, you're never too old. Want to get high? 14000 feet (4.500 meters) of pure adrenaline guaranteed when you jump from our very fast turbine engine skydiving aircraft.

Accompanied by a professional instructor
with thousands of jumps behind him, you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of a lifetime. After a short briefing about the exit from the aircraft, control in freefall and the landing, you will take off for a 15 minute flight to 14.000 feet (4.500 meters).

Securely attached to your qualified instructor, you will jump and taste a minute of amazing freefall at 170 mph (200 km/h) experiencing the true feeling of skydiving in the most unforgettable, unbeatable and mad minute of your life!

After the instructor opens the parachute at 5.000 ft (1.500 meters), the fun continues! You can then enjoy some minutes of canopy flight, glidiing over the wonderful landscape.

Grab hold of your adrenal gland as you take the controls of your parachute and fly with your instructor back to the drop zone. The final landing is made in the same area that you took off from, where your friends and family will be waiting for you.

An experienced skydiver video/cameraman will jump with the tandem to make a video and /or photos of your tandem skydive. As soon as you land the video is transferred to a DVD that you can show to your unbelieving friends and family.

WOW! your first Tandem Skydive is starting!!! BOOK NOW!   333 3529943
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