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A.F.F.: Accelerated Free Fall

The AFF course is by far the best and safest way to be introduced into the world of freefall. In this course you will learn not only how to control and fly your parachute, but you will also learn how to control your body during 60 seconds of freefall. With your private instructors you will undergo extensive ground school, and preparatory training to enable you to attain the learning objectives set out for each jumps from 14.000 feet (4300 meters).

Then you will be ready to jump wearing your individual parachute system. You will attend a total of seven Accelerated Freefall jumps (levels). On these jumps you will be accompanied by two instructors on the first four levels and by one instructor on the final three levels which provide assistance by initially holding on you and giving instructions in freefall until you pull your ripcord to open your parachute canopy at 5.500 feet (1500 meters). On every jump you will accumulate one minute of free fall time.

Your jumps will always be recorded by air to air video to allow the instructors to provide the most accurate post-jump evaluation and critique of your performance as well as an audio/visual snapshot of all your skydives.

During the descent under the RAM air parachute while you enjoy a beautiful parachute flight there is a FM Radio link between you and another instructor on the ground, who will give you giudance by radio if necessary.

Generally, after seven AFF jumps you will be able to perform all the basic manoeuvres in freefall and under your parachute and you are cleared to jump without an instructor.

The duration of this course is approximately 2 week-end (or 4/5 days during long periods of jump activity in our Drop Zone).

The AFF course is recognised world wide and when you graduate you will be able to skydive in any part of the world because the experience and knowledge of our instructors is supported by the highest quality standards of the U.S.P.A. (United States Parachute Association), world wide accepted.

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