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Team Building

The evolution of Business Meetings & Incentives drives us towards you.
A parachute Tandem jump is the ideal way to bring a whole team closer by allowing people to share an unforgettable experience. Team Building is relatively new on the market and create benefit for the company who use it. And so, why you don’t benefit from jumping in one of the most beautiful Italian Dropzone offering to your team as souvenir a combined video montage on DVD? Why you don’t catch the possibility of special offers for works councils?

The professionalism and reliability of the private parachute jumps events that we organize has already been experienced by our group customers. From small and medium sized companies to multi-national firms, whatever their background our customers have been delighted.

Enjoy the indefinable feeling of skydiving from 13000 feet in safety with video and musical professional montage of your jump.
As specialist of group jumps for corporate events we will be happy to work through your requirements to offer unique experiences to your employees and clients.

Let's build up together the event closest to your wishes and needs!  333 3529943 
A.S.D. Sozo Paracadutismo - Via Gagliazzona, 35 - 48017 - Conselice (RA) - Tel. +39 333 3529943 - Email:
P.IVA 02426500597 - C.F. 02426500597

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